Deneen Maillet


Deneen is a full-time real estate professional with 20+ years of real estate experience.  Her main focus is to help you reach your homeownership goals.  As your residential advisor, Deneen strives to sell properties quickly and efficiently. She listens, researches, and works diligently.  Whether you are buying or selling, you'll get 100% of Deneen's time and expertise from our first conversation to the completion of the transaction.  This is her promise!

Deneen has experience and knowledge in the following Real Estate areas:

Residential Sales
Short Sales
Property Management
Investment Properties

Successful homeownership and relocating require essential skills, volumes of information to comprehend, costly mistakes to sidestep, and critical connections to be made each step of the way. Deneen's success is defined by yours, and measured solely in her ability to guide homeowners and investors from start to finish in a successful real estate venture.
(619) 745-5410