The Wall Street Journal in partnership with REAL Trends recently recognized ‘The Thousand,” – the top 1,000 real estate professionals in the US and this good news comes as Teles continues its record-breaking growth and expansion.

This is a prestigious honor because The Thousand represents a listing of the best real estate professionals and teams in the United States in a variety of different categories. Despite the fact that, overwhelmingly, our business is about people, we sometimes lose track of the humanity of the experience when we focus on simple numeric rankings.

This is our way of telling the story of the people behind those numbers.

The fragmented San Diego real estate market has many little real estate offices and hybrid-teams that attempt to compete for recognition across various rankings.

There are very few, however, that have the legacy and dedicated contribution to the community like Ruth Pugh and the Ruth Pugh Group (RPG).

A true believer in partnerships, Ruth has built RPG to be a powerhouse in San Diego real estate, with teams serving the entire county across multiple asset classes. Ruth’s partners, Jarret Pugh and Dan Tomasi, have built and grown RPG over the years as a hyper-focused team that not only has the utmost client service perspective but does it through developing the people on their team with coaching, mentoring, and deal management resources.

Often recognized in various publications and rankings, RPG has sold over 10,000 homes – making it one of the most productive and successful teams in the world.

In addition, Ruth’s commitment is based on doing in whatever it takes to give back to the community through her active foundation and in her daily mentoring of the team members.

“Ruth Pugh is a legend in the San Diego real estate market,” said Sharran Srivatsaa, President of Teles Properties. “Her commitment to the business and all that she has done for the community at large year over year is something that is truly remarkable and unparalleled. Ruth and RPG are poised to break records in the years to come.”



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My experience with Ruth Pugh was amazing especially with Sherry Roberts , she went far and beyond to help me out to get the house of my dream I was in Texas and purchased a house in California , and because of her everything went smooth and easy on top of her help, she recommended the best lender ever American Preferred Lender, long story short those guys know what they doing they will not ask for unnecessary extra paperwork that pretty much every other lender will ask you for it. Also I felt Sherry dealing with me as if she was buying the house for herself she took all the efforts to get me the best deal on the house I was very satisfied with her services and I will recommended her for anyone want to purchase a house.