Are you looking for impressive new ideas to design and decorate your home? Perhaps you are hoping to refresh your rooms with a new color palette or update your furniture and add some patterned wallpaper. In order to assist you, our research team found the following article, originally posted on, to provide a preview of the most popular 2017 home design trends straight from industry experts.

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Calling all wallpaper-lovers, furnishing fanatics and Pinterest enthusiasts! If you want to stay on trend for any design projects you have planned this year, then stop and pay attention. From jewel hues to funky prints, read on for 2017’s top interior design trends.

Jewel colors

Last year was all about 50 shades of grey, but this year, designers are injecting some serious color back into their collections. Ruby reds, emerald greens and sapphire blues will be all the rage and in every home furnishing store, as striking jewel colors become the big trend. This is to symbolize opulence and luxury, turning your home into the plush safe haven that you deserve, so embrace it and start thinking bold. If you don’t want to go too crazy though, stick to statement pieces like sofas and cool units, that can easily be picked up with other accessories around the room.

Antique chic

We think we know which popular period dramas designers had as their style inspiration this year, as they’re taking a leaf out of the old-school book with the antique chic look. Incorporating richer, darker woods into vintage pieces will bring warmth and character back to your surroundings, and you can put touches of this in every room. How about a stunning ornate mirror on the landing, wooden toilet seats with natural touches around the bathroom, and wrought iron candelabras in the dining room?

Mixed fabrics

If you’re one for vibrant patterns and spreading color throughout your home already, you’ll be pleased to know that 2017 is the year of mixing fabrics. From tropical patterns to florals and quirky animal prints, this is all about creating layers and new dimensions to your furnishings. You could start with simple touches here and there, such as rugs and cushions, and then build in larger pieces, such as upholstered headboards and bed linen.

“Raw” white

Have you come across this term before? Because it will be all over the high street stores this summer. Instead of the gloss white pieces that were found in every household last year, from bookcases to bathroom tiles, this year designers want to focus on bringing some of Mother Nature back into the home. Raw white refers to the “unfinished” or non-glossy version, with a beautifully unpolished texture to sit alongside your tree-stump stools and slate flooring.

Artisan desire

Finally, in a bid to celebrate individuality and creative flair, it seems that buyers are tending towards the less mass-produced, artisanal pieces of furniture. Whether you find an antique dresser in a charity shop and strip it back to be re-painted with a modern twist, or you go straight to a bespoke carpenter, people are going back to the small artisans of old to make sure what they have in their home, won’t be found elsewhere.

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